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Eel Fish Hunting

#fishing videos
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Belia Luedke Bulan Yang lalu

Thanks heaps for sharing.

Nirmala Shah 3 bulan yang lalu

JHUN JHUN SINHA 5 bulan yang lalu

Kaha ka video hai, sir g

Rosa Ribeiro 6 bulan yang lalu

Isso parece cobra

gpr90662b 7 bulan yang lalu

When the rate of fishing is greater than the rate of natural fish production in any particular habitat, be it a pond or lake or a river, eventually the ponds/lakes/rivers get fished out completely with no fish left. It happens at a much faster rate in a extremely over populated country like India. In order to have a sustained fishery , comercial as well as recreational, it is important that these ponds, lakes, rivers, gets restocked by fish raised in hatcheries. Thus in a country like India there is a need for thousands of fish hatcheries to supply fish fingerlings and fry for replenishing the ponds, lakes, and the rivers.

kasim uddin 10 bulan yang lalu

Roger Allagan 11 bulan yang lalu

A river with a lot of fish with luscious green forested banks and birds hovering above. that's a very healthy sight of nature..

md sk S.K. Tahun Yang lalu

which kind of net and bait you use for this baam eel ,please you give any information

manoj singh Tahun Yang lalu

Manoj Singh jyoti Singh 9161452104

আনোয়ার আনোয়ার 2 tahun yang lalu

আমার খুব পছন্দের মাছ

proumreksmey 2 tahun yang lalu

Wow those fresh water spiny eels are huge! They must be tasty when grilling on open fire; the fatty oil would drip on the fire making 'chiv chive' sound and smelling so good!

Fish Hunting Fishing - 2 tahun yang lalu

Ms. จารุณี 2 tahun yang lalu

Fried Peacock Eel Fish taste really yummy.

Lakshmi Lakshmi Tahun Yang lalu

Fish Hunting Fishing - 2 tahun yang lalu

ሁሉም የእርስዎ ድጋፍ እናመሰግናለን

Shakil Khan 2 tahun yang lalu

Fish Hunting Fishing - 2 tahun yang lalu

I will show cooking of eel fish in coming videos

Kukkala Gangaiah 2 tahun yang lalu

Prashant Parate 2 tahun yang lalu

Shaik Sattar Tahun Yang lalu

Jahanara Miah 2 tahun yang lalu

Jahanara Miah 2 tahun yang lalu

Prashant Parate 2 tahun yang lalu

Prashant Parate 2 tahun yang lalu

Altaf Rahman 2 tahun yang lalu

Is this what we call Bommidalu? If it is so plentiful in Rajamundry, why they are so expensive in Vijayawada despite being so near? Last time I visited India, I bought bommidalu in Vza Besent road fish market at 700 per kilo. May be I can visit your place next time. Can you name the place, cause its not far from Vza.

Kartikeyan Sharma. 2 tahun yang lalu

Dear. 'FHF'. you said this place is near Rajahmundry. Then will you please tell us where this exact location near Rajahmundry is.

Roseme Silver 8 bulan yang lalu

Deepu Choudhary 2 tahun yang lalu

it would also be nice if you specify the village and location where you are getting to see all this. coz I am very much interested in this fishing and I also would like to see all this. please do specify.

Название товара: FISH HUNT

Страна: Австрия

Год: 2019

Срок годности: до 12.01.2030

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